The Back-to-School List You Don’t Think Of

August is known for many things, but the most common being “Back-to-School” time. School shopping lists are aplenty with all of the things you could possibly need: pencils, notebooks, folders, lunchboxes, etc. But what about the items that aren’t as commonly thought of?



When shopping for clothes for the new school year, think of the not everyday items you may need. If it’s raining, do you have rain boots and a jacket? Will you have an event to dress up for? No matter what year of school you’re in, you’ll probably need a fancy outfit and those are better bought not last minute. You may live in Florida where it’s always warm, but what if a class takes you out of the state to not so balmy temperatures? It’s probably best to have a few pairs of socks on hand.


15_reams_of_paper_stacked_on_the_floor.jpgPrinter Supplies

Everyone remembers the notebooks and writing utensils, but what about when you have to use a computer or print something off? Make sure you have printer ink and printer paper. There’s nothing worse than trying to print off an assignment last minute and having no paper!



If you’re like me, there’s no chance you’ll forget food, especially if your stomach is good at reminding you. But while food shopping, make sure to stock up on quick and easy meals and snacks. There will inevitably be a morning you’re rushing out the door and don’t have time to eat a good breakfast. Granola bars, trail mix and fruit are great in these cases. You will also at some point not have time to make your lunch. Having some grab and go options will make your life much easier!


1ba50b36ea2d17b4ba205b3a9ec7d030All Things Medical

There are many things related to your health that need to be done before you head off to school. Are you up-to-date on all of your vaccines and immunizations? Have you refilled any prescriptions you need that you don’t want to run out of? Have you had a recent check up with your doctors? These are a few of the things you definitely should do before school starts, but it’s also a good idea to make a list of all of your allergies or other health related concerns/issues, and have that with you at all times. You never know what activity might bring you in touch with something that gives you a bad reaction so having this list helps you to help others in your time of need.


Are you ready for school to get back in session?

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