Easy Ways to Save Your Closet Space

One of the most common “wants” for apartment dwellers are bigger closets. Many apartments take space from closets to try to give you more room elsewhere. The easiest way to find more space in your closet is to do a little purging. After you’ve gone through your closet to see what you’re able to let go, you still may find yourself lacking space. Read on for some tips to combat this.



Utilize Your Bed Image-157

Anything clothes related we usually try to fit into our closets, but a very easy way to save your valuable space is to store unneeded items under your bed. Depending on what season it is, half of your wardrobe probably won’t be wearable. If it’s summer, store your bulky sweaters and boots under the bed. If it’s winter, put away those sandals and shorts.


Use Special Hangers 8c3ec043-1ac6-4168-b31e-2dfb7e9732ce

Hangers are a must for your closet unless you prefer to store your clothes in piles on the floor (I’ve definitely been guilty of this). But, to utilize the most space use hangers on certain items that are meant to help save you space. Don’t use a hanger for each of your tank tops. Combine them on one. You could also use this for ties or scarves.


Fill Your Dead Space 1f4daa100febb2a2dd2bd66c3f6a8b58bf456b67

Every room is a victim of dead space, but dead space in your closet is one of the worst places to have it. Do you have high ceilings? Floor space? A big empty wall? Any space that isn’t used for a storage is a missed opportunity for more space saving. If you have high ceilings, hang some of your bigger and more awkward items up high, like suitcases or sporting equipment. If you have floor space, add shelving. If you have an empty wall, add shelving.


Tension Rods = More Hanging Space Brilliant-Idea-of-Extra-Closet-Rod-Design-under-Closet-Shelve-Storage-Ideas

Another way to make use of your dead space is to add additional tension rods so you have more hanging space. Fill up that empty wall with another rod to hang your clothes on. Add a rod under where your clothes hang currently and you will double your hanging space by having two levels of storage.


Use Your Door 

18k3ld7iklqrrjpgSo you’ve filled up all the spaces you can in your closet with tension rods, special hangers, and more? Great! But what about your door? The door is a great place for added storage, and you have many options of how to get that done. There are simple over the door hangers that will free up tons of space. You could add baskets to use as a catch-all for items like hats, scarves, or a quick place to toss your shoes to keep them away from your dog. Another way to utilize your door for storage is to build a full on shelving system on your door. Seems pretty intense, but it would be SO easy and add some much needed storage for shoes, t-shirts, toiletries… anything!



What are your best tips for saving space in your closet?

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