Fun Facts for National Dog Day



Happy National Dog Day to all of you dog lover’s out there. This day celebrates dogs of all breeds and sizes, whether a purebred or mixed, stray or spoiled. It honors therapy dogs, service dogs, military dogs, law enforcement dogs, and every other dog that works selflessly to make our lives safer and better. It is also used to bring recognition to all of the dogs across our country that need rescuing from shelters, rescues, pounds, and everywhere else a dog may be found. So, whether you have your own dog to celebrate or not, let’s look at some fun facts about man’s best friend to celebrate the day!



  • dog-with-six-toesWhile the Newfoundland breed is definitely a dog, in a past life it may have been part duck with its water resistant coat and webbed feet!
  • The Norwegian Lundehound is the only dog that has six toes on each foot.
  • Dogs sweat only through the pads of their feet.


  • In the US alone, there are over 75 million pet dogs (more than any other country).
  • 45% of US dogs sleep in bed with their owner.
  • Dogs dream just like us! Dogs have the same type of slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement as we do, so when they hit REM stage they can sleep too. Any twitching or movement is a sign they’re dreaming.
  • Dogs curl into a tight ball when they sleep because of a primal instinct to keep themselves warm and to protect their abdomen and vital organs from any harm.



  • A dog’s nose print is unique to them in the same way our fingerprints are unique to us.
  • A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000-100,000 times stronger than its human counterpart. While humans have about 5 million receptors in their nose, dogs have as many as 300 million!
  • Dogs have wet noses to help them absorb scent chemicals.




  • dog_earHumans hear best at around 2,000 Hz, whereas dogs hear best at 8,000 Hz. The higher the sound, the better your dog will hear!
  • One of the many ways dogs express themselves is through their ears. In their ears alone, there are more than a dozen separate muscles that control those cute ear movements.
  • All puppies are born deaf!


  • Contrary to popular belief, dogs are NOT They can see blue, green-ish yellow, yellow and some shades of gray.
  • No need to turn the light on for your dog at night. Their eyes have a special membrane, called the tapetum lucidum, which gives them night vision!


Random & Fun

  • Lowering your blood pressure is as simple as petting your dog. Your dog’s blood pressure goes down while being pet too!
  • Of all the survivors of the Titanic, three were dogs – two Pomeranians and one Pekingese.
  • The Basenji is the only type of dog that can’t bark – instead it yodels.
  • A dog from Cormorant, Minnesota, recently was elected to his third consecutive term as mayor. Congrats Mayor Duke!





How are you celebrating this paw-some holiday? Share a picture of you with your pup! We can’t wait to see it!


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