101 Things That Make Fall Great

Some of you may be sad that summer will officially be ending in less than a week. For others, though? You’ve been waiting for fall since the last beautiful leaf fell off the last tree last year. Fall has a cult following similar to pop stars and YouTube cat videos. To welcome the best season there is, we’ve compiled a list of 101 reasons why fall is great.

  1. Football season large
  2. S’mores
  3. Bonfires
  4. Fires in your fireplace
  5. All of the beautiful colors
  6. Colorful leaves
  7. Crunchy leaves
  8. Jumping in leaf piles
  9. Crisp airdry-leaves-on-land-wallpaper
  10. Honeycrisp apples
  11. Going to your local apple orchard
  12. Apple picking
  13. Eating freshly picked apples
  14. Visiting the pumpkin patch
  15. Finding the perfect pumpkin
  16. Pumpkins
  17. Pumpkin carvingapplespumpkins
  18. Pumpkin flavored everything
  19. Sweatshirts
  20. Scarves
  21. Boots
  22. Cozying up under a thick blanket
  23. Great TV shows are back
  24. The best movies are released
  25. Opening your windows for a beautiful breeze
  26. No more summer sweating
  27. Sweater weather tumblr_nc5t4fxtot1r1xlqjo1_500
  28. Comfy cardigans
  29. Candy corn
  30. All the gourds
  31. Halloween
  32. Halloween candy
  33. Trick-or-treating
  34. Thanksgiving
  35. Delicious hot drinks – coffee, tea, cider, yum.
  36. Baking diy-cozy-throw-blankets_1599_40084577_0_14113634_600-556x400
  37. Fresh apple pie, from the apples you picked
  38. Apple cider donuts
  39. All the best fruits and veggies
  40. Yummy cinnamon smells
  41. More time with family
  42. Rainy days
  43. Caramel apples
  44. Apples dipped in caramel
  45. Apple crisp
  46. Relaxing by candle light open-uri20150422-12561-m60pgz_95d7bb7e
  47. Scented candles
  48. Daylight Savings Time
  49. It’s now not frowned upon to watch all your favorite fall movies (Hocus Pocus, anyone?)
  50. Fall “adult” beverages are back (mulled wine, pumpkin beer, hard cider, etc.)
  51. All the comfort food
  52. Leftovers
  53. Hayrides
  54. Haunted houses
  55. Haunted trails
  56. Scary movies
  57. Soup tastes better in the fall
  58. Bread bowls
  59. Delicious flavored bread (pumpkin, banana, apple cinnamon!)
  60. Decorating doesn’t get better than fall decorating
  61. Movember 5b9a6c39fa130c1ad8ac0c68591c07b3
  62. Taking out your giant blanket collection is now acceptable
  63. Flannel
  64. Plaid
  65. Cute coat season (because when winter comes you’ll have to break out the huge puffer)
  66. Cranberry sauce
  67. PIE
  68. Extra colorful sunsets and sunrises
  69. Wearing your comfy, cozy shoes pies
  70. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  71. Contests all about food: biggest pumpkin, best apple pie, pie eating contests, etc.
  72. Marshmallows
  73. Black Friday shopping
  74. Flavored butter
  75. No more mowing
  76. Pinecones
  77. The perfect mix of weather – not too hot, not too cold c136de4d7cd08969c9bc149b7a31d085
  78. Scarecrows
  79. Candied yams
  80. Thick socks
  81. Lower electric bills
  82. The beautiful foliage
  83. Crockpot cooking is the best cooking
  84. Corn mazes
  85. Puppy cuddles
  86. Kitten cuddles
  87. Cuddles in general white-bean-chicken-chili_exps_sdon16_39545_b06_08_3b
  88. Leggings and tights are no longer frowned upon
  89. Everything seems to glow
  90. The mist and fog rolls back in
  91. Comfy hats to cover up your bad hair day
  92. Hearty stews
  93. Your favorite chili
  94. Dressing up for Halloween
  95. Kids are back in school
  96. Going to your school’s homecoming
  97. Getting your mom’s delicious cooking
  98. The sun doesn’t burn your skin off
  99. It’s acceptable to start counting down to Christmas PSL
  100. Staying home and binging Netflix is acceptable and common practice
  101. Pumpkin Spice Lattes


This list should start you off on the right foot for fall. What would you add?




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