Fantasy Football: Your Fantasy Team vs Your Favorite Team

Fantasy Football: Your Fantasy Team vs Your Favorite Team


Have you ever watched your favorite team play and while yelling loudly that your favorite player scored that touchdown, you’re silently thinking that if he doesn’t, that’s okay because you started the rival team’s defense and you need those points on your fantasy team?  Have you ever drafted a running back from your heated rivals and wished he would score from the 1-yard line against your beloved team only because you’re down 3 points in your fantasy football game?  That, in a nutshell, is your life each Sunday during the NFL Season.

So how do you navigate your love for your team and the love of beating your friends in the ultimate fantasy football matchup?  Here are some tips.

Should you draft players from your favorite team’s archrival?
Great Question. Some fantasy owners can’t. Their hatred runs too deep. It is imperative that as a fantasy owner, you draft the best player available, even if it makes you sick to your stomach. Every player has value, regardless of jersey color.


Should you bench fantasy players when they face your favorite team? 
Of course, you should….if you want to lose. First and foremost, I promise that by you benching that player, it will not change the outcome of your NFL team’s real game. You don’t have to root for a player playing against your team, but you must start them if the matchup is right. How does starting some loser running back in place of a star help you?  It doesn’t. All it does is make you not only lose your fantasy game but also your real team lost. How is that for a nice fun Sunday Afternoon?


Should I draft everyone from my favorite team?
Absolutely under no circumstances do you draft players just because they play for your team. You must draft with your head and not your heart. It’s a no-win situation. If loving them and worshiping them guaranteed that they played great, your team would win the Super Bowl every year. Ask Minnesota Vikings fans how that works for them.

So whom do I root for? 
You always root for your favorite team. As a fan of a team that has won 1 Super Bowl in my lifetime, I would gladly give back all the money and trophies I’ve won to see the Chicago Bears hoist the Lombardi Trophy one more time. Heck, I would be happy if Jay Cutler didn’t throw any interceptions. If I have a quarterback starting against my favorite team, I won’t bench him — I privately hope he throws six TDs and that my team scores 7.  I won’t openly root for him. If my NFL team is 2-12 and I need that QB to give me some points during my league’s championship final, sure, I’ll push for some garbage-time production. Other than that, my heart is always with my NFL team, and true fans should have the same affection.


-Chris Shipley
Guest Blogger & Fantasy Football Aficionado 


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