Can my pet eat that?

As a pet owner it’s your job to keep your pet healthy by providing them with plenty of quality food and water, and not letting them have things that will do them harm. That is easier said than done. When you have a dog that can jump or a cat that can climb, no area in your home is off limits. Because of this, you probably have found yourself googling, “Can my pet eat….*fill in the blank*” There are many things to look at but most of what we eat is a hard yes or no to whether it is okay for our pets. So, can my pet eat that? Let’s find out.


Although their diet requirements are different, the safe and unsafe foods for cats and dogs are pretty similar.

Safe List:dog-approved-people-food-dog-eating-pumpkin

  • Pumpkin – Great for digestion, plus pets think it’s delicious!
  • Green vegetables – Asparagus, Brussel sprouts, lettuce, peas, cucumbers, green beans, spinach, broccoli and more! These are all safe to eat and provide valuable nutrients to your pet. If you look at the listed ingredients for your pet’s food, you’ll probably find one of these.
  • Potatoes – Regular potatoes and sweet potatoes are safe for your pets and provide many needed nutrients.
  • Meat – Most meat is safe, but there are a few conditions on some of them, so we put it below.Two cats eating together
  • Rice – Rice is great for a filler in meals or if your pet needs something to fill them up and not upset their stomach.
  • Peanut Butter – Pets loooove peanut butter, and lucky for them it’s safe, but just don’t go too crazy.
  • Bread – While bread is safe for your pets, it’s not necessarily good for them. Bread is mostly a filler and full of carbs. Pets don’t need the amount of carbs we do, but if they have bread, they will be okay.
  • Most Fruit – Most fruit is safe for your pet to eat – blueberries, cantaloupe, strawberries, bananas, and more. It’s important to note that fruit has a high amount of natural sugar so it should only be given in moderation.


Safe, but:

  • Melon – Melon is pretty safe across the board, but keep it in moderation and make sure to remove the rind.
  • Almost ALL meat – Both cats and dogs are carnivorous by nature, so having meat in their diet is natural and provides them with needed protein. There are things you need to be cognizant of with different meats, though.
    • Beef – make sure to remove visible fat and bones
    • Fish – both cats and dogs love fish, but provide moderation for them, especially dogs.
    • Chicken/Poultry – Super safe! Chicken is a key part of most pet’s diets. If your pet ever needs more protein or needs a bland meal because of an upset stomach, unseasoned chicken will be your best friend.
    • Lamb – safe!
    • Pork – this is the tricky one. While cooked pork is okay… sometimes, there are things you should know. Trichinosis is a food-borne disease that comes from pork. Additionally, pork contains a type of fat that can be difficult for your pet to digest.
    • Apples – Apples are safe as well as long as they are given in moderation, and seeds are not digested.







Not Safe:

  • Cooked bones – If you give your pet a bone make sure it is always uncooked. Cooked bones are very dangerous. It could get stuck in the windpipe, esophagus, or stomach. It could obstruct the digestive system or break teeth. Because of a cooked bone’s tendency to splinter, it is possible for the bone pieces to cause constipation, bleeding, and ultimately an expensive visit to the vet to get the bones out.
  • Chocolate – This is pretty well known, but it’s important to remember that ALL chocolate is dangerous for your pets. Never allow your pet to have access to chocolate.jiu_rf_photo_of_sad_dog_and_onions
  • Onions and Garlic – While most humans love the flavor onions and garlic provide to meals, the onion family contains compounds that can damage red blood cells. This is another reason why it’s important not to feed your dog your food because many items you prepare or are prepared for you will contain one of these if not both.
  • Grapes and Raisins – These fruits are very dangerous. jiu_rf_photo_of_cat_looking_at_grapesEven a small amount can cause
    kidney failure.
  • Avocado – Unfortunately, your pet can’t have any of your guacamole because avocados can cause vomiting.
  • Beer – Your pet doesn’t need and shouldn’t have alcohol. Beer can cause a range of bad things including, vomiting, brain damage and possibly death.
  • Candy and Gum – The ingredients found in candy and gum are toxic to your pets. Ingesting candy can disrupt their metabolism or even cause them to get diabetes. Additionally, pets just don’t need that much sugar. Gum contains toxic ingredients that your pet, under no circumstances, should ingest.

By no means is this an all-encompassing list. If you have questions or worries you should always check. Lucky for you, many other people have the same questions and worries as you, so there are these handy websites for you to use:



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