How to Watch Your Thanksgiving Calories

For most people, Thanksgiving is not a day where calories “count.” Whether you are health conscious or not, Thanksgiving is often seen as a freebie. While we are definitely fans of indulging and enjoying your holiday meal, we want you to know of ways you can get the most of your calories and not go too far overboard.


Side Dishes thanksgiving2
Every part of the Thanksgiving meal is crucial to the full effect and enjoyment of the other parts. Many people prefer the delicious side dishes that are served more than anything else. An easy way to still get all those delicious flavors but cut a few calories is to fill up more space on your plate with veggies. Get a few more green beans and carrots and a few less servings of rolls and potatoes.


Main Dish World's Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey, sliced
No matter what your main dish is, whether it’s turkey, ham, duck, chicken or something else, by simply removing the skin you can save


Dessert thanksgiving_baby_pumkin_pies
It can definitely be tempting to get one of everything, even if it’s not your favorite. To save a few calories, consider smaller bite-sized portions of multiple items or picking one favorite to enjoy.


Drinks  capture
For some, what you have to drink with your holiday meal is just as much of a tradition as what you have to eat. If you swap your sugary and heavy drinks for something lighter. There are many options out there like light beer and wine, diet soda, and especially water.


Other Easy Tips p_101618124
There are plenty of ways to adjust your meal so you won’t end up in a severe food coma afterwards. Try smaller portion sizes. Instead of piling HUGE amounts of food onto your plate, do small servings and go back for seconds if you’re still hungry once you’ve finished. Try using smaller plates. The smaller the plate, the less food that can fit, so inevitably you’ll eat less. Request less fried food and more real food. Cranberry sauce is probably a staple of your holiday, but a store-bought version versus homemade will make a huge difference at the end of the day. Lastly, consider giving away some or all of your leftovers. Yes, I know, leftovers are part of the tradition, but every plate of leftovers is another meal out of the norm and high in calories. Make a new family tradition and donate your leftovers to a shelter for families in need.


What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Do you plan to watch your calories during your big holiday meal?

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