DIY Ways to Warm Up Your Home

Winter is finally, and definitely, here. With winter storms crossing the country, bringing arctic temperatures to everyone in its path, it’s a good idea to make sure your home is ready for it. Heaters and your thermostat can help you out quite a bit, but there are some easy DIY ways to make sure you’re making the most of the heat you already have.


  1. Seal it Yourself 6515-zoom-a

It would be amazing if our homes would keep out all the cold air and never need maintenance to keep up with it, but sadly that is not the case. Things wear out and get old, and that cold air finds a way in. It’s easy to reseal your windows and doors. If that’s too much DIY for you, get some draft stoppers for your doors and windows. These are inexpensive and can be installed in seconds.


  1. Insulate Your Windows 3m-indoor-apply

Even with the best sealing, cold air is going to seep through your windows. You can find window film to apply to your windows at many stores or online. These provide you with a cheap solution you can do yourself. To install, you simply it the film to your window frame and use a blowdryer (usually) to adhere the film to the window with the heat.


  1. Cover Your Floors shag-area-rugs_1

Hardwood floors look great, but when it gets cold they could be a big factor in what’s making your home cold. Hardwood floors do not insulate like carpet, which is a natural insulator. When it’s not a feasible option to install carpet, getting an area rug can solve the same issues for less money and less permanency.


  1. Don’t Forget Window Treatments close-the-curtains

By now you know that windows are a big contributor to the loss of your heat. Luckily for you, there are many easy and inexpensive ways to fight against these windows. By using window treatments to your advantage, you will save tons. When it’s sunny, open up your blinds or curtains so that the natural light can help warm. When it’s dark, close your blinds or curtains to keep warm air from flowing out.


  1. HVAC Filters Are Important hvac

Apartment complexes typically replace your HVAC filters annually. If at all possible, try and get these changed more often, ideally once per month. By having clean and new filters, your heat will work more efficiently which will save you money. Additionally, the cold weather prevents us from going outside as often. A clean HVAC filter won’t pass around pollen, dirt, allergens and other items through your air, which you’re spending a lot more time in lately.



Do you have any simple DIY ways to keep your home warm? Share them in the comments!

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