Winter Safety for Pets

The month of winter is a hot topic – pun intended. Opinions are very strong either for or against. No matter your feelings, you need to pay more attention to the dangerous factors at-play for your beloved pets.


  1. Keep them inside. 4484057602bb5476dd005a05cb4c15dc

Just because animals have fur coats meant to keep them warm, it doesn’t mean they are completely safe outside. No matter if your pet is an inside animal or an outside animal, depending on the temperature and amount of precipitation, there is only a certain amount of time that it’s safe for them to be outside. Figure out what this amount of time is for your animal breed and size, and stick to it!


  1. If you’re cold, they’re cold. dogincoat

Often times we are bundled in layers and layers of clothes, so we may not notice how low the temperatures actually are. Our pets are not bundled like we are, so if you are cold, they are most certainly cold.


  1. Check your car. cat-under-wheel-warning

We know how much we appreciate a powerful heater in our vehicles. Our pets do too. Before entering and exiting your car, check for your pets. Outdoor animals like to take advantage of the warmth underneath hoods or on tires. They also like to sneak into a car when you don’t pay attention to a door left open a little too long. They could sneak in when you’re leaving, or when you’re getting home and then they’d be stuck inside your car with no way out.


  1. Stay away from Antifreeze. antifreeze

Antifreeze is essential to the proper function of our cars in the winter. While this is great for us, it is deadly for our pets. Be extra cautious during these winter months to not let pets lick anything up, or even investigate anything, on the ground around any cars.


  1. Keep their energy up. dog-food-pet-eating

It can be easy to skip out on the daily walk when it’s super cold outside. While your pet may not mind it because that means they get to stay warm, they still need to use their energy. Come up with alternate ways for them to use energy. Additionally, cold weather playing takes more energy so you need to make sure you increase their daily food amount to help provide the extra energy they need.


What methods do you use to keep your pets safe?

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