Winter & Ice Storm Survival Guide


A large part of the country is about to be hit by a very dangerous ice storm. Mother Nature is very unpredictable, so no matter what the radar shows or the meteorologists are predicting, it’s important to be prepared for the worst. Here are some items you should make sure to have on hand or make sure you do in case you get hit hard by an ice storm. We’ve also linked to two great articles they go into detail on ensuring winter storm preparedness.


  • Extra blankets
  • Candles
  • Matches
  • Flashlight(s)
  • Extra batteries
  • Stock up on water
  • Fill your car’s gas tank
  • Charge your phone and other electronic devices
  • Stock up on nonperishable foods that don’t require cooking
  • Make a list of emergency phone numbers
  • Non-electric and cordless heat sources
  • Charge your portable power banks
  • Get a backup generator
  • Stock your first-aid kit
  • Manual can opener
  • Food for pet(s)
  • Extra Cash
  • Keep curtains closed


How to Prepare for a Winter Storm

Be Red Cross Ready


Here are some important things to remember in case of an emergency:

  • imagesIf you’re in your car and find yourself stuck, stay in your car. Leaving your car could result in many health issues as well as getting lost in blowing and drifting snow.
  • Do small exercises or activities regularly to prevent hypothermia. These can be as simple as clapping your hands and moving your arms/legs.
  • Stay inside if at all possible to avoid injury from slipping on ice and/or falling objects
  • dripping-faucetCarbon monoxide poisoning risks increase during times like these, so make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working and that you’re listening in case the alarm goes off. If it does, quickly find a source of fresh air.
  • Avoid strenuous tasks when possible because energy is needed to keep your body warm.
  • Keep in regular contact with family or friends about your whereabouts and well-being. If you have to leave your location, let someone know. If you lost power, establish a method to check-in with someone regularly so they can ensure you are still safe.
  • To keep your pipes from freezing, turn all of the faucets in your house on so they are just barely dripping.
  • crochet-doorstopper-blanketDrafts and cold air slipping through cracks around doors and windows aren’t ideal, but they are common. Use blankets and towels to cover these areas for cheap and effective insulation.

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