Employee Appreciation Day

Happy Employee Appreciation Day to all of our valued employees! We wouldn’t be who we are without you doing the work you do. I wish I could take each of you out to an appreciation lunch to show you how sincere we are, but since that isn’t feasible, here are a few easy ways to show those around you that you appreciate them. And remember, although today is the official Employee Appreciation Day, any day and every day is a good time to show your appreciation.


  1. Hire someone to come on-site and give complimentary massages.P1020162A.jpg
  2. Cater a delicious lunch of breakfast.
  3. Take your team out to lunch.
  4. Send each team member a personalized thank you card.
  5. Organize a team building outing to somewhere or something fun – roller skating, an escape room, cooking class, etc.
  6. Let them go home early.
  7. Organize an afternoon snack or dessert cart/trip as a surprise post-lunch treat.
  8. Have a pizza party.
  9. Go to Happy Hour.
  10. Give them a gift card to their favorite local shop. blog-post-thank-you-picture3.jpg
  11. Find a fun way to have a team “education day” by taking a fun part of your job and magnifying it outside of the office – taking pictures at a local zoo to improve photography skills, have a people scavenger hunt where you find people with certain characteristics (a blue shirt, a mom with kids, etc.) to improve upon public speaking skills, etc.
  12. Have a day of casual dress.
  13. Have a decked out ice cream sundae bar.
  14. Schedule a “Bring Your Pet to Work Day.” a0c7072a996821b1076aaa7d6b103014_ice-cream-sundae-bar-ideas-ice-cream-sundae-bar-clipart_3660-2438.jpeg
  15. Give a gift your entire team can enjoy – a massage chair, a ping pong tale, a snack cabinet, etc.
  16. Take an afternoon to do something fun and crafty together as a team for charity.
  17. Make punny and personal gifts for your team members like a Kit Kat that says you deserve a break, or a to-go Frappuccino that says thanks a latte, or a box of animal crackers that says this place would be a zoo without you… or a combination of all of them. cidkakouwaetqzt
  18. Gift everyone a lottery ticket – it’s cheap for you and could be great for them!
  19. Give tickets to a local play or a movie they are excited about.
  20. Tell people frequently that you appreciate them, that they’re doing a great job, or thank you for the extra effort, whichever is relevant to your situation. A simply words of thanks goes a long way.


How are you showing your team members that you appreciate them today?

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