2017 Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery

Every year we look forward to the announcement of Pantone’s Color of the Year. This year was no different and we are very excited that “Greenery” was chosen. 2017 seems to be already on board with it by providing us with warmer temperatures than normal, so we thought we’d get on board and help you get there too. Here are some easy ways to include “Greenery” into your home.

e65be88fac00bd683713d120d88f75db.jpg1. PLANTS – This is the most obvious, but also probably the easiest. Plants boost productivity and help purify the air, but also add color and pizazz to your space. Find a fun put for them to add even more color.

2. Outside – Going further with plants, let’s look outside. Add some greenery to your patio or balcony in the form of a garden or a few flowerpots. You can also add cushions to any seating in the beautiful color to tie the space together.

32158f1efdde9bf0b7c19610847e3c8b.jpg3. Bedding – Blankets, bedding, pillows, sheets… these are all easy ways to add greenery to your space. If you need a refresh on your bedding, opt for a greenery colored comforter. Or, add some pillows and blankets to your living spaces so they can feel the green spirit too. You could even add a fun patterned rug that highlights the color!

4. Walls – If you’re able to have an accent wall in your space, consider making it green. This adds an exciting pop of color as well as adding warmth and a focal point to the space. Green is really easy to coordinate with so you shouldn’t have to swap out many other items.

07aba4f0f964fcd7710b7860a920e57f0f0694cf5. Walls continued – If painting isn’t an option, consider temporary wall paper. This won’t damage the walls, but it will add color and excitement. You could also hang green fabric on your walls and get the same effect.

6. Art – Most of us have some sort of art in our homes. Change out some of your current artwork to some with pops of “greenery” for a subtle but effective way to sneak it in.


7. Windows – Why not update your curtains to this fun color? The warmth from the green will work really well with the warmth that will come through the windows. You could also change out your shower curtain to add a little something to your bathroom.


What do you think of this year’s color?

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