April Fool’s Day Pranks

In case you forgot, tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, so brace yourself for the incoming pranks! In celebration of the day, we went around our office asking for some favorite (or not so favorite) April Fool’s Day memories.


c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800Kelly – One of my coworkers wrapped another coworker’s desk and everything on it in tin foil. Every piece. Every paperclip, piece of paper, pens individually, monitors, keyboard, clock… EVERYTHING!

Tasha – I haven’t done any before, but I’ve always wanted to wrap someone’s toilet seat in saran wrap. Messy but funny!

Chris –  My dad brought his jaguar into the dealer. My sister had a friend call and pretend to be a guy from the dealer and said that it got backed into something. My dad lost it on him!

Courtney – My husband told me his boss declined his transfer request to Des Moines and he wouldn’t be able to move after we already rented a place.

funny-aprils-fool-office-pranks-17Hannah – One year I decided to share “Oreos” with some friends. Instead of regular Oreos, I scraped out the cream and put them back together with white toothpaste. After a few minutes in the freezer, they looked good as new!

Taylor – Some friends of mine made “cake pops” that weren’t really cake pops. They made meatballs and dipped them in frosting. They looked so real!

Melissa – Two of my friends also happened to be neighbors. They both have Golden Retrievers. One was a puppy and the other an adult. The neighbor with the puppy switched the dogs over night so that the other neighbors woke up to a puppy instead of their adult dog.

cooknart93Jessica – Last year, my daughter unscrewed the tops to my shampoo and conditioner and put saran wrap over them. Once screwed back on you couldn’t tell at all! I tried getting both the shampoo and the conditioner out for several minutes before I figured out her trick!

Laura – One April Fool’s Day, I was running late for work. When I got in I shook my mouse to wake up my computer but it wasn’t working so I frantically kept sliding the mouse around but it still wouldn’t work.  I picked it up and there was a piece of paper with a photo of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory taped to the underside of my mouse with the word “Bazinga” written under it.  My coworker Elizabeth had taped it there to confuse me. I thought it was a good prank cause it was harmless and made me laugh!

Katie – One April Fool’s Day when I was in 3rd grade I ended up getting strep throat. It was awful and when I went to tell my mom she wouldn’t believe me for the longest time because she thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke. It definitely wasn’t!

dM2aebbMarc – At my prior company, I was involved in a prank on 3 managers. The managers shared adjacent offices and were all visiting another site for a meeting. We filled 4 bags of balloons. Each bag was 4’ tall/wide and over 30’ long. There were approximately 30,000 balloons. We then pulled a ceiling tile in their offices and one outside their doors. We then filled all 3 offices, through the ceiling tile, floor to ceiling and wall to wall with balloons.

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