Enjoy an authentic Cinco De Mayo

So it’s the fifth of May, also known as Cinco De Mayo. The Mexican holiday that recognizes the victory of the Mexican army over the French army in 1862. Not to be confused with the Mexican day of independence celebrated on September 16. And fun fact, most people in Mexico do not celebrate Cinco De Mayo; it’s celebrated in Puebla where the battle against the French took place. But for most people in Mexican it’s just another day. In America it’s seen as a day to celebrate and recognize Mexican culture for the Hispanic population.

So if you want to celebrate but want to partake in activities that are actually native to Mexico why not put down the tacos branch out and try some of these foods.

Mole Poblano – It is the most consumed dish in Puebla, Mexico for Cinco De Mayo. Pronounced like the “mole” in guacamole, the sauce consists of ground up ingredients and can vary in color and consistency. It is a dish that combines old and new cooking styles and can be daunting to attempt but totally worth it in the end. Want to try? Check out this great recipe.

Chalupa –  It can resemble a tostada but is actually a fried tortilla topped off with a shredded meat, onion, salsa and perhaps some amazing queso. Take a stab at making them if you dare. Use this recipe.

Chiles en Nogada – This dish is an icon in Mexico and even includes ingredients that are the same colors are Mexico’s flag, red, white and green. It     is savory and sweet utilizing a stuff poblano pepper that has been dipped in egg batter, fried, and then topped off with a walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds and
finally parsley. Normally, it is made heavily for Mexico’s Independence Day, however, it is also a very prized dish in Puebla. Feeling adventurous? Try this recipe out.


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