How to Save Your Home from Allergens

Dandelions in the park are blooming, the co-worker a cubicle over is sneezing, the daycare is running out of Kleenexes, and the superhero jump suit is collecting pet-dander. All of this can only mean one thing: allergy season is here and back with a vengeance. Fight allergens back this year and survive the so-called ‘sneezy’ season with BH Management’s helpful tips on how to leave the allergens outside and to save the city from dust-mite villains by creating a safe, allergy-free environment inside your home.Dandelion - Blowing Away

Tip 1: Leave criminal allergens at the door.

As a home-owner, home-renter, or local superhero; you are in charge of who is allowed to step through your front door. Let allergens know that they are uninvited by minimizing their ability to get past the welcome mat. Pollens, molds, dust, and other evil allergens often come from the outdoors. There are two ways to secure your city walls and save your home from letting microscopic villains enter. Shoes are known to be a number one offender of sneaking outdoor allergens into the home. By taking off shoes when stepping inside, it’s possible to prevent some of these allergens from getting too far. It’s also a good idea to place door mats on both sides of the entryway. This doubles the chance that the mats may collect pollen and molds before being spread to carpet in different rooms. Trendy mats can also help to decorate the “bat cave”.

Doormat with Shoes

Tip 2: Clean while wearing a green cape.

Green is the new red this summer. A simple way to limit the number of allergens floating through your home is to obtain eco-friendly habits while cleaning. Chemicals found in normal cleaners can trigger or worsen symptoms in allergy victims. Snap on your green cape, throw regular cleaners out, and replace the harsh chemicals with cleaning products containing all-natural ingredients. These are essential weapons to have when stepping into any allergen combat zone.Cleaning Supplies - Bottles & Bucket

Tip 3: Trade last model’s cleaning supplies in for up-to-date, radioactive models.

Ok, radioactive vacuums and dusters may not be on the market yet, even for genetically-altered crime-fighters. However, it’s still important to update vacuum filters and dusting strategies. If not done properly, dusting and vacuuming both have the ability to spread allergens around rather than eliminating them. When it comes to vacuuming, ridding of allergens can be as easy as investing in a vacuum with a HEPA filter. HEPA is an acronym for “high-efficiency particulate air”. This super vacuum has the ability to trap 99.7% of small particles. Rated five stars on As for dusting, it’s best to dust using a damp cloth rather than a traditional duster. The cloth doused with liquid product is better able to collect dust. The latter option will unsuccessfully pick up little to any dust. Instead, the vile allergens will only scatter to new hiding places.Superhero Cleaners

Tip 4: Disinfect the lair.

If nothing else, it’s imperative to assure dust-mite nemeses are far from the lair. This “lair” is also known as “the bedroom”. The average person spends the largest part of their day in their bed. This should be the first line of defense against any vicious, allergy-inducing villain. Although the rule of thumb is to wash sheets and pillowcases every few months, we suggest throwing this duo into the washing machine as often as once a week during allergy season. Fabric is a common place for allergens to cling and collect. If this trick isn’t high-security enough for your lair, we also suggest investing in zip-on dust mite covers for pillows and mattresses. Every hero deserves a good night’s sleep tonight to save the city tomorrow.

Bedding - Messy.jpg

Whether you’re fighting an invisibility-cloaked army of pollen or a dust bunny with laser beams for eyes, rest assured that the civilians, and your immune system, will survive the war of allergy season. With our helpful tips, saving the city has never been easier.

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