Memorial Day Plans for Your Taste Buds

American Flag

Memorial Day is here! A three-day weekend full of sunshine, American pride, and paying respects to those national heroes we’ve lost while protecting this great home we call The United States of America.

Memorial Day, one of ten federal holidays celebrated in the U.S., rolls around each year and few actually know the origin of the holiday. The concept of Memorial Day began in the early years following the Civil War. At the end of the 19th century, our holiday celebrating late militant personnel was known as “Decoration Day”. On May 30th, Americans would celebrate Decoration Day by adorning graves of soldiers who had fallen during the Civil War. It wasn’t until after World War I that the holiday was extended to all American military soldiers who had passed while serving in any American war. The day was declared a national holiday and moved to the last Monday of May, which is where it continues to be marked on our calendars today.

For many Americans, Memorial Day has a double-purpose. The first, is to celebrate and honor those we have lost while defending our great nation. The other purpose is to unofficially mark the beginning of the summer season. I like to think of the days of May leading up to Memorial Day as the prologue of summer and Memorial Day Weekend as the first chapter of a novel filled with sunshine, swimming pools, barbecues, and pink and lavender dahlias. It’s strange how the last Tuesday of May seems considerably warmer, sunnier, and longer than the Tuesday before it.

This grand kick-off of summer goes hand in hand with the beginning of grilling season. Burgers, grilled chicken, and endlessly packed kabobs are about to become the regular once again and we can’t wait!

Barbeque Items (3)

Looking to bite into delicious, savory barbecuing recipes that you may not have tried before? BH Management has found a few tasty grilling ideas for you this bright and shiny Memorial Day Weekend.

Maple Bacon Chicken Bites. The fad in America these days seems to be to “wrap it in bacon”. Why not join the crowd and cook up in 30 minutes a mouth-watering treat to contest against the most loyal contenders of your nearest city’s annual bacon fest? This delectable bacon and chicken combination is advertised as an appetizer but could easily be served as an entrée by doubling the portion. Try out the recipe and leave a comment to let us know how it went. Click here for the full recipe from McCormick. 

Barbeque Items (2)

Bacon, Peach, and Basil Burgers. The taste buds will know that summer is here when they savor into peaches and basil atop a thick, juicy all-beef burger. We think that this pick is great for lunch on the patio or an all-night long backyard barbecue. This recipe features hot jalapeño peppers and a jalapeño pepper juice to spice the creation up and a soft goat cheese to simmer things down. Give the bacon, peach, and basil burgers a chance by finding the recipe here at My Recipes.

Barbeque Items (1)Barbeque Items (4)

Spice-Grilled Pineapple with Smoky Whipped Cream. Nothing says warmer months quite like a grilled pineapple returning to your dinner table. This recipe is especially great to bring into a large-gathering barbecue because it’s vegetarian friendly and could be vegan friendly without the whipped-cream as a side. However, if you are attempting the smoky side dish, the recipe offers a whipped cream made from scratch. If you’ve ever experimented with home-made whipped cream, you can recall that it’s a job that requires a good amount of consistency and arm muscle. In our opinion, this recipe might be a perfect incentive to hit the gym, bring out those big guns, and crank out a fluffy, liquid-smoke side to make your insides dance in the heat of this pineapple and whipped cream duo. Invite juicy, caramelized pineapple back to your patio this summer with this great hit from the Barbecue Bible. Follow this hyperlink to pull up the full recipe.

Grilled Pineapple


If you give any of these recipes a try, be sure to leave comments on your experience! We, and other readers, would love to hear it. If you consider yourself more of the food critic rather than the chef, drop subtle hints to family members and friends by sharing this blog post on Facebook or Twitter. With luck, a click of a button and a share to a Facebook group could leave you sliding into your family barbecue to find bacon-wrapped chicken galore. No problem with that!


From BH Management, we wish you a Memorial Day Weekend filled with full stomachs, sunny weather, and a great appreciation for those who have given their lives so that we are able to enjoy the life, liberty and freedoms that we do in this great country. Have a happy Memorial Day!


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