The Miracle We Ignore: Water


As we have now happily sauntered into the breezy and sweltering summer months, it’s the point in the year in which the sun sits highest in the continental United States. It’s important to stay hydrated anytime of the year but it’s especially imperative to avoid dehydration during the summer season. In an effort to persuade constant hydration onto our BH blog readers, whom we care about so dearly, we have put together four different ways that water is vital in keeping your body healthy, even if you may not realize it.

Water Bottle on Tree

  1. Fundamental in Keeping Kidneys Functioning

The job of the human kidney is to act as the filtering-system of the body. The kidney filters about 120 to 150 quarts of liquid a day. This liquid includes the water and blood within our bodies and the kidney extracts all of the materials it deems as waste. The water that is ingested is an important part of this filtration by helping to dissolve minerals and nutrients so that they are easier for the body to access. The water also aides in removing waste and forming the excess material into urine. If the body is dehydrated and the kidney can’t function properly then these excess fluids can build up in the body. Infections may arise, such as UTIs, and the kidney may cause increased risks of major health problems like kidney stones and chronic kidney disease. However, if the body is hydrated, the magnificently-functioning kidney has the power to keep the body stable, clean and incredibly healthy.


  1. Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure

A well-known and truly fascinating fact is that the human body consists 70% of water. Much of this water is allocated to the blood. A whopping 90% of healthy blood is water. If a person is dehydrated, the water ratios of the blood will become imbalanced, causing the blood to thicken. Thus, creating a blood pressure level that is above average. High blood pressure has the power to cause health conditions, such as heart disease and stroke.


  1. Sustains a Clear and Consistent Mind

Water is extremely important for cognitive ability. Research found that a dehydrated driver is twice as likely to make driving mistakes as a hydrated driver is. An adequate balance in water and other elements in brain cells is essential in brain function. Without water, the balance is shaken and cognitive ability loses efficiency. The importance of water on brain functions can also be found in the commonly proposed tip to cure a headache by drinking a tall glass of water.


  1. Key in Managing Healthy Physique

Although it’s obvious that water is a key ingredient in staying physically active due to the dehydration and exertion caused by activity, there are other underlying benefits hydration has on a body’s physical health.

Water Weights

The first is that beginning or continuing a workout dehydrated can greatly decrease the performance, and thus effectiveness, of your exercise. Studies have found that a 2% decrease in a body’s water supply will result in a 10% decrease in sports performance. Losing one tenth of a workout performance is a large measurement. Another benefit from staying hydrating is keeping away from overeating. Many times, the body signals thirst by giving pangs of hunger or craving sugary foods. Instead of giving into a snack an hour after eating a full meal, it’s wiser to first have a few cups of water. Most times, the hungry feelings will subside and your body will thank you.


The recommended daily serving of water ranges from 2-4 liters depending on the individual. We believe in the fundamental importance in staying hydrated and we care about your health! On Pinterest we found plenty of great ideas in keeping sure you get the daily recommended serving using labeled water bottles, fruit infusers, etc. Below are a few links that we posted Working on our Fitness board on our account. Be sure to check out the following links and to follow our account under the username BH Management.


A Drop Bottle fruit infuser is a great substitute for avid juice drinkers.


Labeling a water bottle with measurements and short-phrased motivators can help keep track of the amount of water your drinking while also helping you to hit your goal.  Make your own or find where to buy one from Fit Girl’s Diary.


For the more serious of you water drinkers, check out this smart water bottle that is able to track your water intake levels and send the measurements straight to your phone.  Follow this link to find where to get your own Hydrate Me water bottle.

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