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Father’s Day: a day put aside to celebrate those men in our lives that tell dorky jokes, ask us with unquestioning loyalty to root for their sports teams, and offer us daily insights on how to conquer the world. For this Father’s Day, we asked BH Employees to share the best lessons from their own dads.

Ruth Roettgen, the Manager of the Pembrook Club in Gurnee, Illinois, shared powerful advice that her father had left her long ago.

“My dad died when I was 22. The last thing he said to me was ‘never settle Ruthy’. It took me 20 years to understand and listen to him but boy I never settle for anything now!”

Father's Day Card

Allison Peyton, a Marketing Specialist in the corporate office in Des Moines, Iowa, shared…

“I’ve received a ton of advice from my dad over the years. This isn’t the ‘best’ but this is kind of a funny lesson. If someone offers to pay for something, resist. But if they offer again, let them pay – no need to fight over it. For example, if you’re out with a friend for dinner and they put their card down and offer to pay, say, ‘oh you don’t have to do that.’ Then, if they say, ‘no I insist’, let them. He is also big on education so he says that it’s always worth it to invest in your education. ‘People can take things from you, but never intelligence.’

Jennifer Demasceno is the Manager at The Summit at Sabal Park in Tampa, Florida. She shared a lesson that was taught in the style that is used for most of dads’ lessons: through action. She said…

“Every day I had the honor of watching and learning from my dad. He rescued my mom from a terrible life and taught her how a person should be treated. I learned the lesson of treating my spouse, family, and friends with respect, love, loyalty, and honesty. This allowed me to understand my self-worth and to make sure I was surrounded by people that treated me the same way he treated my mom. He was perfection!”

Children with Dad sign

Maddie Dugan, the Marketing Intern at the corporate office in Des Moines, Iowa shared a lesson that her dad taught her without even knowing it. She shares…

“Day after day, my dad would ask me the same question: ‘So what do you think?’ Some days he would ask more than once. Usually he would ask when nothing was really going on at all. So I would answer with, ‘about what’ and he would always respond with, ‘I don’t know, about things.’ And as a kid I would get so infuriated at the vague question and the follow-up question that was even more confusing. But eventually, I started to like the question. I began to feel that I was on my toes for it. Now, I’m always prepared with a thought. My dad’s greatest lesson has been to always challenge your own thoughts and to be open to others’. Through those Q & As, he also taught me how interesting life can be when you’re always asking questions and trying to understand why.”

Myilicia Hare, the Assistant Manager at Republic Woodlake in San Antonio, Texas had trouble figuring out the best single piece of advice her dad had given her. She said…

“It took me a few days to narrow down through all of the advice my father has given me and pick what the best is. I thought about the lessons he has taught me; to be independent, change my own tire, and take care of the lawn. Then it came to me. As a child he would always tell me, “when you hear my keys rattle, be ready.” That’s it: be ready! Always be ready for what life has to throw at you and for the adventure of it all!

Chris Shipley, a Marketing Specialist in the Des Moines corporate office remembers a piece of advice that his dad always told him. It was…

“Doing the easy thing is not always right and doing the right thing is not always easy.”

Now, Chris passes this phrase onto his own children.

Vanessa Murcio Rosado from Woodhollow in Orlando, Florida shared the great lesson she’d learned from her father.

“One of the things my dad has taught me is the value of a person. How to greet everyone, be respectful, and humble. To greet a janitor the same way we will greet the president. My father is one of the friendliest person I have ever known. He always has a huge smile in his face and is always greeting everyone. I just love him!”

These great stories make up just a fraction of the millions of lessons we’ve learned from our fathers. Hug your dads tight this Sunday and have a very Happy Father’s Day!

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