Beating the Heat: 5 Fun Ideas for Families

Finding fun in the heat of summer while staying cooled off can be difficult sometimes. Here at BH Management, we’ve come together to find five fun ideas for families to still get the most out of their hot summer days while also beating the heat.


1. Create Your Own Make-Believe Adventure with Sprinklers

Your backyard is anything but a backyard in the summer. During a heatwave, it’s a dry and taunting desert. It shouldn’t be this way. With a few sprinklers and a kiddie pool, your family is able to be a mischievous gang of pirates and your lawn is a vast ocean with an unknown island to explore. Jump aboard the pirate ship for a day of adventure! Run through mystic waterfalls (sprinklers), swim across a river of alligators (a kiddie pool filled with floating toys), and stock your ship with mechanisms of defense against an enemy (water balloons and water guns). The point? Get your backyard water park on and be creative!

Pinterest is always a help in these sort of events. If you are looking for a pirate game, we’ve found a simple and amusing pirate scavenger hunt printable.  If you’d like more outdoor game ideas to get your creative juices floating, we also found an article with 25 different outdoor games.


2. Cool Off with Handmade Ice Chalk

Take your heat wave refuge to the sidewalks and let out your inner Picasso with this great idea! Whip up homemade chalk using half cornstarch, half water, and food coloring. Next, freeze the pieces of chalk into fun shapes. On Reading Confetti, we found creative ideas to mold the chalk into different shapes using stencil ice cube trays. Try it out for yourself! You’ll find that the age-old sport of drawing chalk has turned into a fun way to avoid the heat. Take a closer look on Reading Confetti’s website.

Sidewalk Chalk


3. Take Shelter in the Shade with a Good Book

Nestle up in the air conditioning or a shaded outdoor area with books. There are plenty of library hosted summer reading clubs for kids. My home library in West Des Moines, Iowa hands out a summer reading log every year and kids that read a certain number of hours by a date in August are awarded with a prize. Picking up a book could be a great alternative for over-exhausting in the strong heat. Not sure what to read? Ask your local librarians for suggestions or check out one of these two websites we’ve found. For children ages 6-12, Good Reads has a list of over 600 book series that are ranked from most popular to least. For teens and adults, we advise checking out The New York Times Best Sellers. 

Children and Books

4. Spend Your Day in the Water

Find local water parks or bodies of water. Water parks are relatively inexpensive and beaches and lakes are free. Also, find somewhere that offers kayak, canoe, and paddle boat rentals. Its great exercise and fun for paddlers of all levels. Just make sure to bring water bottles!

Couple – Kayaking


5. Bite Into A Frosty Homemade Popsicle

Cold treats on a hot day are a must. So what’s better than making an event out of creating your own? Red Tricycle’s website has 16 tasty popsicle recipes to make at home. Ranging from Peach-Banana Smoothie to Cookies and Coconut Cream, these summer snacks will make it hard to keep your mouth from watering. Give one a try and cool off in a yummy way!



Tried one of these activities or have your own ideas? Add a comment below! Also, don’t forget to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest so that your friends and family can join in on the fun!





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