4 Dazzling Firework Safety Tips

Fireworks - City

On Tuesday night, the American skies will be sparkling red, white, and blue and booming crackling tunes of our American freedoms. Firework enthusiasts thrive on the Fourth of July. However, accident-prone citizens may be more concerned with all of the fire and explosives unpredictably booming all in one night. And with good reason; The National Fire Protection Association estimates that each year local fire departments respond to more than 50,000 fires caused by fireworks. BH Management worries about our readers and we’ve found 4 safety tips to help make your Fourth of July a safe one.

  1. Light Fireworks in Open Areas

Be sure to point fireworks away from all homes, bushes, leaves, and flammable substances. This may seem like elementary firework safety. However, it’s easy to forget something so simple when your blood is racing through your veins in the excitement of it. The National Fire Protection Association claims that in 2013 fireworks caused 1,400 structure fires and 200 vehicle fires.

  1. Keep a Bucket of Water Handy

Hopefully your homemade light show doesn’t end in a hot blaze, an insurance claim and a trip to the emergency room. But, of course, it’s impossible to know if there will be an accident before it happens. At BH, we say “better safe than sorry”. We suggest filling a bucket 2/3 full of water and keeping it near your firework lighting station. Not only is it there in case of emergency, but you should be soaking your sparklers, fireworks, and duds in it to be sure nothing is ignited. It’s also a good idea to turn on a hose and keep it nearby in case anything starts aflame.


Fireworks - Box

  1. Wear Cotton Clothing

While a cotton t-shirt still won’t shield your skin from burns, it’s the right decision to make when choosing clothes from your non fire-resistant collection. The reason being that other clothing materials, such as synthetic fibers, will melt onto skin. Cotton doesn’t tend to burn easily.

  1. Don’t pick up pieces after a fire show

It’s possible to come across debris after watching a firework show. Be sure to leave it where it is. Although it may seem like an interesting souvenir, debris from fireworks contain more potential to harm than one may think. Fireworks are unpredictable and it’s possible that the debris could still be hot or could explode.

Fireworks - Crowd

Fireworks are an American tradition and the Fourth of July wouldn’t be quite the same without them. But preventing house fires and giving the ER doctors a holiday break is always a good idea, too. With these four tips, we hope that your firecracker holiday will be a happy and safe one. Happy Fourth of July from BH Management!


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