Travel For Less With These Apps

Travel AccessoriesSo it’s summer and vacations are all the rage. However, some of you may be wondering how people are managing to go on such awesome vacations. Take a look at the three companies below that are helping people to travel by taking the guesswork out of airfare prices, where to stay and get great deals!


Airbnb – It provides people with the ability to search and rent or lease short-term housing which includes apartment rentals, vacation rentals, hostels, hotels and homestays. Its super easy to use just type in the city, region, place you want to find a place in and it provides you with a whole list of possibilities. You can filter by amenities, price, what type of room you want, and so much more. Choosing to use Airbnb to find a place to stay on vacation opens up opportunities to be immersed in the culture of your destination, by staying with locals and experiencing the lifestyle there. Another perk about booking through them is you can find great places to stay for way under what a local hotel would cost. So next time you go to book a place to stay, check out Airbnb and see what’s available where you’re going.

Hopper – This helpful app predicts the cost of airfare, making it easy to choose when to fly while saving some money. Hopper lets you know when the best times are to buy and go as well as if you’re getting a good deal. You can select different cities you’d like to fly to and be notified when the cost of airfare increases or decreases. Also, the app provides you with great deals for airfare you can search for by region. So when you need to book a flight or want to check out when the cheapest time go is, take a look with Hopper.

Scotts Cheap FlightsScott’s Cheap Flights – Have you always wanted to go abroad but balk at the airfare prices and give up going? Or hate scouring the Internet trying to find the best deals? Well, stop and check out Scott’s Cheap Flights, giving you great deals that you didn’t have to spend the time looking for! Sign up for free and subscribe to amazing international airfare. How does it work? Scott Keyes, owner of the company, and his team search for cheap flights all day. If an airline offers a sale or makes a mistake, Scott finds it and send emails explain how to book the flight. It’s easy and the deals are unbelievably good. According to his website subscribers have saved $1,188,752. So if going abroad is a dream, make it a reality and subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights.

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