How To Become A More Interesting Person

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At some point, everyone has fallen victim of finding themselves in a life slump. If you’ve found yourself reading this blog, you’ve taken the first step. You’ve admitted that you want to become a more interesting person. Well, BH is here to help. We’ve found 4 ways to become a more interesting person. Read below to begin your transformation from drab to fab.


Step #1: Be the Host

Remember Jay Gatsby? F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character was arguably the greatest of two things: the most interesting character in nonfiction and literature’s best party host. An interesting person and a gracious host seem to coincide. Give it a whirl! Sure, it’s safe to play the guest. But interesting people don’t always play it safe. Choose something that excites you and plan a social event around it! It could be knitting, trivia, a Golden Globes viewing, or a night filled with Game of Thrones reenactment. It doesn’t matter what the occasion. Play the host. Plan a themed party. Invite over all your favorite pals. Serve delicious food you didn’t know that you could make (or you didn’t know the grocery store sold) and make a night to remember. Take a break from the coming-late-and-leaving-early version of yourself and play the lively socialite for a night.

Group Toasting


Step #2: Find Better Jokes

To be quite honest, we all know that the lettuce was embarrassed because he saw the salad dressing. It’s time to add variety. A fresh set of jokes can be the starting point for a more interesting and spontaneous you. Psychology Today notes that watching comedy shows and stand-up routines have shown to improve creativity and intelligence. So, start studying! Find better jokes. Buy a joke book. Come up with new material. Go to comedy clubs. Pay attention to what makes your friends and family laugh and surprise them. The right joke may make your closest friend look at you with a different set of eyes. No longer are you the friend with the predictable dad jokes. You’re now that witty, on-your-feet comedian. You’re the most popular person at the cocktail party.

If you’re looking for new material, we suggest you check out the book Jokes Every Man Should Know by Don Steinberg, which is sold at Barnes & Noble. If you want to know which of your jokes to ditch, skim through The World’s Worst Jokes, a book by Victoria Fremont and Larry Daste.

Audience & Stage


Step #3: Be “That” Fitness Junkie

All exercise is great, but what if you could say that you rock climb for a hobby? Maybe you parasail on the weekends or you do karate 3 times a week? Turn in your gym membership card, ditch the elliptical, and throw some adventure into your week! People will marvel at your unique abilities and hobbies. Do you ask a runner about their last trip on the treadmill or do you ask the surfer about their biggest wave?

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Step #4: Be Brief, Be Positive

A common human error is not realizing when we bore other people. Start paying attention to how engaged your listener is. Does this non-gardener really care about my 10 minute take on how the fluctuation in rain has been effecting my home-grown tomatoes? Probably not. Be brief. The best advice for this is to tell your stories in three to four sentences. If the person is interested, they’ll ask for more. If they don’t ask, maybe throw that tale out of the story bank. Also, be positive. No matter how irritating you think your life is, nobody wants to ruin their own day by listening to a Debbie-downer.

Diverse Group - Having Coffee


Follow these four tips and your makeover will be complete! Flaunt your new interesting persona and your friends and family will be dying to hang out with this witty, mysterious, fascinating version of yourself.

Have more tips on how to lead an interesting life? Be sure to share your ideas on the comments forum. Also, if you like this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

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