5 New Ways to Lower Utility Bills

As we’ve passed the 4th and find ourselves on the downward slope of the summer months, why are we finding that our utility bills are continuing to rise? Although it saves money, sending your apartment into a battle between air conditioned and not depending on when you’re home can be exhausting. Leave the thermostat alone! BH has found 5 new ways to lower your utility bill.


#1. Close Blinds or Draw Shades During The Day

The sun can heat a room quickly. Heat caused by the sunlight intensifies through glass. We’re familiar with this concept. Think about when your uncovered car turns into an oven when left in the summer sun a few hours too long. Make it a habit to spend a few minutes drawing the blinds around your home before leaving each day.



#2. Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient microwaves or light bulbs could be the key to saving money on your energy bill. From energy efficient refrigerators to hairdryers, the possibilities are endless. This could be an easy investment to shaving dollars off what you owe at the end of the month.

#3. Use Electricity During Off-Peak Hours

Believe it or not, electric companies charge more for energy when more people in your area are using it. So if you have the option, try doing laundry and washing dishes during these off-peak hours. Off-peak hours are usually early in the morning or late at night, but you’re able to call your energy provider and ask when their off-peak hours tend to take place.

Light Bulb - Lit


#4. Shade the West Side of your Apartment

The west side of a building receives the beating down of the hot afternoon sun. These windows will tend to be the hottest and the balconies with large windows may get steamy too. To keep your interior cool, you should especially shade these windows. Placing shady plants above balconies with large glass doors or using thick drapes over west side windows can be helpful.

Frozen Food.jpg

#5. Keep Your Fridge and Freezer Full

In high temperatures, refrigerators and freezers exert a little extra energy staying cool enough. One surprisingly helpful way to keep your food cold without racking up your energy bill is buy loading your fridge with more food to cool. How can this be? Well, in a packed fridge or freezer, food can work as insulation. This means that packing your freezer with eight bags of frozen peas rather than one can lessen the amount of time the freezer will need to run to stay in lower temperatures. Cool, right?


Have other nifty tricks? Leave your utility cost saving spells for fellow readers in the comments below!

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