A New Bodega On the Block

Phone - Vending Machine.jpgWhat if you could get everything you needed right by your front door? That’s exactly what the Bodega project is trying to accomplish by bringing the corner store to your front door.

A new startup called Bodega has raised $2.5 million to develop a small and convenient kiosk into resident buildings. Paul McDonald is the mastermind behind the project. As he states, “There’s really only been two options: you can go to the store, or you can order something online. What we’re trying to do is introduce a third option, a new way of buying things. Shrink the store, bring the best parts in a smaller form factor and bring it to where you are.”

Grocery Store - Exterior.jpg

Something even more convenient than online shopping? Count me in. Same day shipping has found a competitor in the Bodega kiosk. Just think of it, doing your laundry, realizing you need detergent, and not even having to change out of your pajamas or leave your building to grab a bottle.

Man - Grocery Shopping

Think of a vending machine for convenience products. Basic home goods like housecleaning solutions or even a carton of milk. The kiosk has cameras that can recognize which resident is opening the door, and charging their account based on a three-digit passcode. You don’t even need to bring your wallet, a true convenience to the modern apartment resident. Better yet, the Bodega tracks what is being sold, and estimates what products it needs more of.

The gap between consumer and product is being closed by bringing the store into your own home. The Bodega even asks consumers what they wished it had, so it can improve the buying process accordingly.

Is this a hot new amenity we should be on the lookout for? Certainly, in modern buildings in urban areas. Buildings in affluent cities like New York are always looking for a new amenity to drive sales and rentals. It certainly is an interesting sales pitch to say you don’t even need to leave the building to buy basic home products.



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