Lifestyle Design

Modern Living and Office.jpgDoes the design of your home reflect the way you want to live? Recent design trends influence ideas of lifestyle design, or design for your spirit. These ideas of design have altered the way we think of our contemporary homes and spaces.

So, what exactly is lifestyle design? Lifestyle design embraces the idea that the design of our interior reflects the design of our interior state of mind. When you decorate, your setting up your space for the type of life you live or want to live. An example would be how a cluttered space can cause a cluttered mind. We may think of decorating as adding, but the most successful design is about stripping down and organizing what you need.

Modern Studio Office.jpg

But don’t worry my fellow decorating enthusiasts, designing for need does not imply a barren empty household. Rather, this sort of lifestyle design promotes designing and decorating with thoughtfulness. The design of your space should be a reflection of your personal style. Your home should feel comfortable, cozy, and well, homey.

Many people treat their home as a transient pit stop from their busy day commuting and working. A place to keep your things, eat something, and sleep. But a home should be more than that. A home should be designed as a sanctuary, a place where you feel most comfortable and a place that you want to spend time in. And most importantly, a place that reflects you as a person. We most likely spend our working lives with the goal of owning a home in mind, so why do so many of us design our home as an impersonal space that simply houses our belongings?

Cozy Living Room.jpgOur personal design can have obstacles, many of which are conditioned into us early in life. We often imitate the design of our childhood homes to bring us emotionally comfort. Sometimes this limits us in our expression of our personal spaces. Perhaps you did not have a very colorful childhood home, and now your house reflects that taste with its assortment of beige and white tones. Breaking this cycle with a new color palette can be refreshing both visually and emotionally.

Are your interests expressed in your home décor? If you’re an avid reader try decorating with some vintage books. Or maybe hang that degree you worked so hard to get. It’s framed somewhere, right? Perhaps you enjoy water color painting and you hang up some of your own work. Including the things that bring joy to you in your home is a simple way to add warmth and comfort to your environment.

Light Living Room.jpg

Next time you think about redecorating your home, try finding something that is authentically you and including that in your décor. You will be surprised by the effect it will have on how you feel in your own space.



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