Decorating Your Small Space for the Holidays

Ornaments & Presents.jpgThe holidays are supposed to be a time of good will and cheer, but often we can get overly stressed and overwhelmed with the pressures of decorating for the season. Living in a small space only intensifies the challenge, and although we’d love to cover all our counters with holiday baskets and trinkets, you need every inch of your kitchen space. Here are some simple tips to create a festive atmosphere in your small space this holiday season.

Winter Decor & Clouds.jpg

Small space living creates a specific challenge for holiday cooking. And in a small kitchen, we can’t necessarily afford to give up any of that counter space. Try decorating your kitchen cabinets. Hanging small wreaths on your cabinet doors is an effortless way to add festivity to your kitchen. Plus, it takes up no kitchen space. This decorating tip can be used throughout the house on doors and storage cabinets. Adding a piece of festive ribbon adds an extra touch of flare.

Trees and Lantern.jpg

We don’t all have the space to store our special holiday tableware, and oftentimes what you already have can be made festive by adding the right accessories. Adding evergreen centerpieces to your table can make a holiday tabletop out of the dining set you already own. Or even just using holiday themed napkin rings or candlesticks can create an overall vibe of holiday spirit. So, fear not, you don’t have to invest in festive tableware that you only bring out once a year.

Pinecones and Candles.jpg

Simplify your center pieces and countertop decorations by using small jars and vases. You may not have room for huge glittering bouquets, but you do have the space to create compact and charming centerpieces. Create a terrarium type look with real or fake greenery, add a candle, and even add some cranberries to get that Christmas color scheme down. Filling vases with small Christmas ornaments or Hanukkah chocolates is also a simple alternative to large decoration pieces.

Using previous holiday cards as display pieces on the mantel is a great and effortless way to bring the holiday cheer. Plus, what do you really do with all those cards anyway? Stowing them away for a yearly holiday arrangement takes up little to no storage. It also makes all your family and friends feel special, and that’s the real point of the holidays, right?

Holiday Pillows and Mug

Go bold on color. Even if you have a neutral color palette in your home, adding splashes of bold reds, blues, or greens can really bring the excitement to your overall design scheme. Thoughtfully placed colored ornaments, candles, or seasonal plants will add holiday spirit to your home. Or if you already have candles around the home, try replacing them with brightly colored holiday candles. Swapping out what you already have is a fantastic way to save space. The same goes for framed artwork and home accessories like tissue boxes and trays. A simple color switch to items that already exist in your home takes up no extra space.





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