Farmhouse Decor

pexels-photo-373883The farmhouse style of decorating is about keeping it simple, organic, and cozy. Unlike other interior design styles, the farmhouse look is all about layering the finer details to amplify the rustic feel. Each design piece layers together to add to the intimacy of the space. Nothing says homey like a rustic farmhouse look.

When designing your space, start with your larger pieces of furniture. When going for aliving-room-couch-interior-room-584399.jpeg farmhouse look, you can’t go wrong with choosing neutral colors and classic styles. Pottery Barn offers a variety of white and beige slipcover sofas (link). These sofas have the neutral off-white tone with easy to remove covers for easy washing.   A leather arm chair is also a key piece in a farm house style design (link). Choose a more traditional rolled arm look for a classic farmhouse style, or a chair with straight lines and a sleek back for modern farmhouse appeal. Choose whether you want to go for a warmer colored space with an orange hued leather, or a cooler atmosphere with a darker brown. Choosing whether to go warm or cool with your larger pieces of furniture will ultimately help you in picking out the coordinating pieces.

A rustic wooden coffee table with tie the room together. Add a tray, vase, and stack of books to create a decorative display. Crate and Barrel offers a variety of fake plants in ceramic vases, as well as low maintenance succulents (link). Creating a vignette of small objects on your coffee table will help amplify the overall look and feel of the room. These little details are key in home decorating. In fact, if you don’t feel like taking on the task of fully redecorating your space, revamp it with small groupings of selected design pieces. The addition of a cute tray, plant, or candle can really add to a space.

pexels-photo-545012Wood is the main component to making the farmhouse style so unique. Include plenty of furniture and accent pieces that are crafted from natural pieces of wood. Each piece brings its own character and identity to the feeling of the space. And since wood ages so beautifully, it only gets better in time. Creating a wood paneled accent wall is a simple DIY solution to bring in those great natural wood tones.

vintage-2049618_1920Once you have picked out your larger furniture and key accent pieces, it’s time to choose the accent pieces. You can’t go wrong with striped throw pillows or blankets. Choose blue or grey ticking stripe patterns for a classic farmhouse look, or create a more modern style with wide navy blue striped pillows. Use this color scheme to pick out coordinating colored drapes or lampshades.  Don’t worry about everything matching perfectly, as an eclectic blend of materials and subtle patterns is easy to pull off with the farmhouse look. Wayfair has a great selection of throws and accessories that fit the farmhouse style on a budget.

Joanna Gaines, from HGTV’s Fixer Upper, recently released a new line with Target called “Hearth & Hand.” It is a home and lifestyle brand created around the farmhouse chic style. For more inspiration, check out her official shop Magnolia, and her blog.

kitchen-1940177_1920Overall, when choosing the décor for your farmhouse space, make sure to have coziness in mind. One of the best things about farmhouse décor is the feeling of inviting warmth and rustic simplicity. And best of all, this classic look never goes out of style!


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