Junk Mail

Mail Icon - ComputerWhether it’s a special offer just for you, a weekly update, a new sale, a new credit card, a new insurance deal, or even a college mailing list, you have probably experienced junk mail. Ads in your inbox pile up fast, and boy can they be overwhelming. Have you ever moved and been bombarded by coupons and special deals in the mail? No matter where we go, our “personalized” offers seem to follow us. Some of us even create specific email addresses for our junk mail. But what do we do when we have had enough?

Luckily, there are some tricks and services to help with this madness.

Physical Junk Mail


Advertisements.jpgA tool from the Data & Marketing Association, DMAchoice actually lets you manage the type of mail that you receive. You follow a simple sign up process online, and completely personalize your mail preferences. Say you don’t want to receive any more catalogs or magazines, simply remove that type of mail from your preferences. It’s that easy. You can also completely decline mail from specific stores or companies. And if that has not convinced you, if you have used multiple names or recently changed your last name, you can remove your old name from receiving mail entirely.


Stack of Mail.jpgIf your main issue is with credit card offers, OptOutPrescreen.com can stop all major credit reporting agencies from contacting you. You can opt out permanently, or for a period of 5 years. You can even opt back in if you want to start receiving them again.

Email Spam


Full Mailbox.jpgUnroll.Me is a free online service that helps you unsubscribe from mailing lists. Upon signing up, Unroll.Me shows you all the websites and email lists that you are subscribed to. You can easily unsubscribe from multiple email lists with one simple touch of a button. This eliminates the process of clicking through to each individual website and unsubscribing manually.

Gmail Filters

Spam MailIn Gmail, you can use the search function to pull up all of your subscription based emails. These types of emails have an “unsubscribe” option within them. This way you can type “unsubscribe” in the search bar, and all of the ones with this option will pop up. From there, you go into each email and follow the unsubscribe process.

Mark as “Spam”

Mail - Ad.jpgAnother simple way to clean up your inbox is to mark unwanted emails as “Spam.” Reporting unwanted emails as spam will automatically send all emails from the provider into your junk mail folder. This is a simple and instantaneous way to rid your mailbox of junk. Plus, you don’t have to take any secondary action, since all the emails from that address will be sent straight to the junk folder.

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