Woman with Headphones and iPadIf you don’t already listen to podcasts, it’s time to make it a priority in your daily routine. It’s easier than ever to listen to thousands of podcasts on your phone, computer, and tablet. Whether you’re looking for something to listen to on your morning drive, or lying in bed at night, the possibilities are endless. From news, comedy, tech, politics, health, spirituality, or hobbies, there is a podcast for it. Plus, podcasts are free! We have compiled a list of our favorite podcasts and why you should be listening to them.

TED Radio Hour

Who doesn’t like a good TED talk? In case you did not know, TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. Don’t worry, I did not know this until I listened to the podcast (it’s in the intro!). The topics on TED Radio Hour are diverse and interesting. Whether you want background noise, or an intense thinking session, TED has got it.

Phone with Podcast.jpgStuff You Should Know

As you can guess from its name, Stuff You Should Know is a podcast about just that. From random facts to in-depth analysis of interesting topics, Stuff You Should Know is a go to podcast. It is run by How Stuff Works, a company which has an array of various types of podcasts. One of the great things about Stuff You Should Know is that once you binge listen, you can go over to one of their sister podcasts and still get your fix.

Radio - Car.jpgS-Town

If book on tapes are more your fashion, S-Town is right up your alley. S-Town consists of a set of mini stories ranging from topics of murder, mental health, and societal collapse. As to avoid spoilers, I will leave it at that, but this podcast is not to be missed if you enjoy a good mystery.

Woman with Headphones.jpgCriminal

Who doesn’t like a good ol’ true crime podcast? Criminal is able to tell concise and exciting stories of real crimes in just under a half hour. Criminal explores the reasons that led up to famous murders and crimes.

Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations

A lovely self – help and lifestyle design podcast with Oprah. A collection of some of Oprah’s favorite interviews.

Podcasts can be found on iTunes and Spotify.



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