The Newest Workout Trends You’ll Want to Try

Old Time GymThroughout history, we’ve seen some…shall we say interesting fitness trends. There was the vibrating belt of the 1920’s that was supposed to “shake the fat away”. In the 80’s came the neon spandex leotards and aerobics routines. Who can forget Richard Simmons in shorty shorts advertising “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”. In the 90’s you could punch your way to tight abs with the popular kickboxing workout Tae Bo. Then there was my personal favorite Prancercize, where the idea was to gallop around freely in the manner of a horse. Some of these fitness fads were (obviously) more effective at improving physical fitness than others, but they were all inventive.

Today, with the abundance of activity trackers, health food and ridiculously priced athletic apparel, we believe that the fitness craze is at an all-time high. As supporters of health and wellness, we at BH wanted to fill you in on some of the latest fitness trends you might want to try:


Doga…aka DOG yoga


We’ve seen many varieties of yoga lately including aerial yoga, hot yoga, even yoga for guys…BROGA. But this one is our pick for the best new yoga trend. If you’re not a dog person, don’t sweat it, goats and cats are also being used for animal-partnered yoga practice. Doga is thought to create harmony between pet and owner while providing the physical benefits of yoga practice. If there is a way to include fur-babies in workout routines, we are all for it.



hula-hoop.jpgWhen thinking of hula hoops, one probably envisions the bright neon plastic toy for children, but in recent years hula hooping has gained popularity as an aerobic method of exercise. When compared to toy hula hoops, hooping or hoop dancing often involves a heavier hoop with a larger diameter which allows for better rotational movement. From hooping classes to instructional videos, hooping is all the rage these days. Relive your childhood as you hoop your way to better abs. (Remember skip-its? We wish they’d bring those back too…)


Rebound Boots


If you always wanted to burn calories by bounding about the neighborhood like a kangaroo, then rebound boots are for you.  These shoes have large shock-absorbing mechanisms on the bottom that reduce impact by up to 80%. In these shoes you can perform all your traditional cross-training activities without damaging your joints the way traditional high impact running and jumping would. You’ll feel less like you’re working out and more like you’re back in middle school playing in your moon shoes.


Backwards Running

Couple Running

We admit that this one will look ridiculous. However, backwards running, also known as retro running, is gaining popularity lately due to its numerous health benefits. Due to the strengthening of the opposite muscles from regular running, backwards running is supposed to improve your muscular balance, leg speed and stamina. It is also said that it will burn more calories than forward running and improve your posture. Also, not being able to see what is in front of you, your other senses will become heightened. If you are over your boring old jog, switch it up and try out backwards running.


Spartan ClassMud Race Runner

If American Ninja Warrior is your favorite show, this class is for you. Inspired by the hit TV show, people began taking part in the famous Spartan Race, an intense outdoor obstacle course race that includes sprinting, crawling through the mud, climbing, and a number of mentally taxing obstacles. Spartan Class is designed to prepare the athlete to be able to compete in the race and includes both training and a nutrition component.  There are many training options depending on your fitness level, but all focus on strength and cardiovascular conditioning. If you want to train like a ninja, give the Spartan Class a try.




Rockout. Workout. That’s the motto for this popular new fitness trend. Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this full body cardio- jam session workout. Using weighted drum sticks called “Ripstix”, pound transforms drumming into a workout that combines cardio, conditioning, strength training, yoga and Pilates. Every song in the workout is carefully planned to maximize the results of the fat burning sequences to give the most effective workout in the shortest span of time. Not only will you tone up, you’ll enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of drumming…and you might even improve your rhythm. Find the class closest to you here.


Soul Cycle

Bike Fitness

This one could be described as “the club meets spinning class”. This 45-minute spinning class features carefully choreographed cycling matched to a playlist full of high energy, motivating jams.  And did we mention, you do it in a dark, candlelit studio? The revolutionary next gen bikes and custom clip in shoes take spinning class to the next level. It’s a sweaty, rocking, stress-relieving workout that is gaining popularity with millennials across the nation.


Hopefully we have given you some ideas for ways to switch up the ole gym routine. Whether you downward dog with a dog, prance around town in your rebound shoes, or run backwards through the neighborhood, we hope you have fun getting in shape!

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