Operation Winter Hydration

Dry Skin

Now that we are in the season of pumpkin-everything, it is officially time to say goodbye to summer.  While there are a few autumn delights to appreciate (warm drinks, pumpkins, better television programing, boots, an excuse not to leave the house due to “weather”) there is one thing that we could all do without. Winter Dryness. Goodbye healthy, hydrated and glowing skin of the summer. Goodbye nights of sleep where we don’t wake up feeling like our throats were scrubbed raw by an SOS pad. Winter is coming in hot, like it or not, so we have compiled a list of tips to help make the weather-induced dryness more bearable.


Pick the Right Products

MoisturizerDuring the winter months, you might need completely different skin care regimen than in summer. While there are many “moisturizing soaps” on the market, many of these are not pH balanced and will disrupt your skin’s surface acidity. Search for pH balanced cleansers, a gentler soap that will help retain your skin’s natural oils. Petroleum-based ingredients can also dry the skin further, so be sure to search for formulas with natural ingredients. Opt for “fragrance-free” soaps as fragrance can irritate skin. Note: “Unscented” does not always mean fragrance-free.


Hydrate Inside-Out

During the winter months, the body’s thirst for water decreases. However, it is important to increase your water intake. Staying hydrated allows the body to regulate its temperature, keeps skin cells healthy, helps retain energy, fights weight gain and protects the immune system. Just because you don’t feel thirsty doesn’t mean you are hydrated.


Your Humidifier is Your Best Friend.Dehumidifier

While up-ing your water intake during the winter months is highly encouraged for building healthy skin cells, dermatologist admit that won’t necessarily remedy your dry skin. Humidifiers are especially helpful for relieving dry skin on the face. They can also help you sleep better so you don’t feel like you’re being suffocated by your dry throat.


Dry Off Correctly

Remember, even if you want get dry quick, do not aggressively rub your skin with the towel. This can be damaging to fragile winter skin. Gentle patting is much less irritating to skin. Also, remember to moisturize right away after drying off to replace the skin’s moisture.


Change Up Your Showers

Shower Head

While there is NOTHING better than a hot bath or shower during the freezing winter months, repeated long hot showers can have damaging long-term effects on your skin. Stick to short lukewarm showers for your everyday routine.


Use an Ointment or Cream Instead of Lotion

Ever wonder what the difference is between lotion and a cream? Here it is: lotions have a higher water count. While lotion is more readily absorbed into the skin, it is less effective at protecting against dry skin. In the summer, go ahead with your lotion, but in the winter consider a body cream to help protect your skin.


Lower Your Home’s Temperature


If you want your house to warm up, we recommend the fireplace. When you crank the central heat, the house air will become even drier. The recommended zone to avoid over-drying your home is 68 to 72 degrees. OR, if you really love the heat, choose a furnace that has a built-in humidifier.



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