7 Reasons Why Thursday is the Best Day of the Week

Recently, as my friends and I have been discussed our 2019 plans with grandiose ideas on how to spend this fresh new year, conversations have occurred regarding the best nights of the week. I have found that I am typically the odd man out when it comes to my preferences, but I’m here to state my case. My belief is that Friday is great, Saturday too, and Sunday…its okay. But the night that is REALLY the best of the week isn’t what you think. It’s not Friday. It’s not Saturday. And it’s not Sunday. It’s Thursday, and here are the seven reasons why:

1. The Weekend Anticipation is Sweet


By Thursday, you are past the mid-week mark and are on the slope down into the weekend. It’s the sweet spot where your week turns around. Often times, the promise of the weekend is better than the weekend  itself. If you’re like me, you have big weekend dreams of laying in bed till 10 am, relaxing, then going out for an extravagantly fun night on the town. However, many times the weekends are spent getting all the stuff done that you never had time to do during the week, and there always seems to be some obligation or another taking up those precious weekend evenings. In the end, the weekend wasn’t all that fun, but the promise of a fun weekend on Thursday was enough to propel you through the end of the week into the weekend.

2. It’s the Best Night for Television


Friends, The Office, Cheers, Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy….the list of great shows aired on Thursday goes on and on and spans many decades. It is simply the best night in television, and who doesn’t want to look forward to that?



It’s not hard to find a Thursday club bar special, people love their thirsty Thursdays. And, in addition to cheaper drinks, the bars are perfectly filled….not dead as they are in the earlier weeknights and not overly packed as they will be with the weekend rush. Also, the crowd atmosphere is different on a Thursday. No one is desperate for that amazing night out where all their hopes and dreams come true on a Thursday….no, Thursday is for hanging with friends, relaxing, and gearing up for the weekend. I’ll take that over a too-loud, too-crowded, too-eager night out ten times out of ten!

4. You Save Saturday

shutterstock_625197872 (1)If you do over-indulge at Thursday Club, you can spend Friday recuperating. However, if you go out on Friday or Saturday, you waste that precious free time the next day feeling under the weather. If you have to feel crappy sometime, wouldn’t you rather it wasn’t during your time away from work?

5. You’re Not Exhausted on Thursday


By Friday, I am ready for sweats. The long work week takes its toll, and there is no place I’d rather be on a Friday night than in my bed drinking a La Croix waters, watching some Netflix and going to sleep early. However, on Thursday, I am still trucking, ready for a good time! I’m happy to stay up far later, even if I do have to be at work in the morning.

6. Your Expectations Aren’t Unmet


No one goes into Thursday expecting it to be mind-blowing like they do on Friday and Saturday. Therefore, it almost always outperforms your expectations. I’m always pleasantly surprised by what a nice time I do have on Thursday because it’s marginally better than Monday through Wednesday, and it doesn’t have to live up to the high expectations of the later part of the week.

7. It Extends the Weekend


If you go at it with a positive attitude and enjoy those Thursdays, you can see it as an extension to your weekend, and who doesn’t want a longer weekend? If by Thursday you already feel like you’ve reached the weekend, the workday on Friday flies by WAY faster. It’s all about your mindset.


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