Renew, Refresh, Rejuvenate

shutterstock_111868610.jpgWelcome back to the BH Blog! The beginning, or end, of every year finds people reflecting on life, often times making resolutions for improvement. We wanted to help, so we are sharing our tips on how get out of a rut. It’s the perfect time to renew, refresh and recharge your life, and here are 12 ways to get started:

  1. Detox From Tech

shutterstock_538824622Social media, email, the news, blog…it can all get overwhelming and overpower your mind. Take some time away from your screen and get some fresh air. Engage with a person in real-life. Let yourself be bored. With technology constantly in front of your nose, you never have time to let your mind wander, and therefore, many of your best ideas may never be stumbled upon. Sometimes it’s helpful to schedule time to just sit and THINK.

  1. Green is Good For You

shutterstock_714904255Time to give mother nature a visit. Science has proven that nature can have a serious impact when it comes to healing both the body and the mind. Psychologist have numerous case studies to prove it. So get outside, breath the fresh air and you may find yourself happier AND healthier.

  1. Volunteer

shutterstock_444093574 (1)Often, the best way to feel better about oneself is to help another. Donate your time to lending a hand somewhere you are needed and not only will you help others, you will create a sense of pride and accomplishment for yourself.   Its a win win all around!

  1. Plan your next vacation

shutterstock_605436266Give yourself something to look forward to and plan a trip somewhere. Also, when getting ready for a trip, we often eat healthier, work out, purchase some new clothing….all things that will help foster a renewed feeling!

  1. Schedule a mental health day

shutterstock_688715386While it is common to take a day off when we are physically ill, we don’t usually give ourselves the same allowance when it comes to our mental health. But don’t forget that health is mental also, it’s okay to take some “me time” to take care of oneself.

  1. Meditate

shutterstock_403132198Meditation is, by definition, the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts.  It is a way to increase awareness, reduce stress, overcome anxiety, fight addictions, improve sleep, decrease blood pressure and even promote kindness. All ingredients for a good soul-recharge.

  1. Get Moving

shutterstock_723094507The benefits from working out are many, but in this context, a workout is a great way to give your body more energy, help you sleep better, and get your brain to release endorphins that will help you feel happier and more energized. Yoga especially is a great exercise for rejuvenating the mind and body together!

  1. Take a Bath

shutterstock_384225742Light up some candles, throw in some essential oils and epsom salts and put on a relaxing playlist…we’re talking something calming. It can be a great time to clear your mind from daily stress and focus on relaxation. Plus, taking both can improve your heart’s health, it can help balance your hormones, can help boost your immune system, and it can improve your nervous systems functionality.

  1. Listen to Tibetan Singing Bowls

shutterstock_151881029While this technique may be new to you, listening to singing bowls is an ancient healing practice dating back to ~500 BC.  The sound of overtones produced by singing bowls can create a left/right brain synchronization that can aid with deep relaxation, stress reduction and holistic healing. Just hop on youtube and you’ll find an endless stream of singing bowl recordings to relax to.

  1. Get a Massage

shutterstock_1190095999This is a great way to rejuvenate the body. It helps relax the mind, reduces stress, promotes muscle relaxation, helps improve circulation and can help improve posture. Plus, it just feels great, so treat yo-self.

  1. Read a Book

shutterstock_292448078Sometimes in life, you need a second to disengage with what is happening in the present. Reading is a great way to take a break from the world at hand and delve into another one. Then, you can come back to real life with renewed energy!

  1. Redecorate

shutterstock_1084895642If you’re stuck in a rut, a change of scenery can be a much-needed change up. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on new furnishings, rearrange what you have. Change out your bed linens, curtains or wall décor. Waking up in a setting that motivates you can help you start your day off right!

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