Monday Resolutions

Welcome back to the BH Blog. Today’s topic of discussion – New Year’s Resolutions..again. Are you sticking to yours? According to experts, most people have ditched out on their new year’s resolutions by February with only eight percent of people sticking to their convictions. Therefore, as we approach the second month of 2019, we are here to offer an alternative solution to those hard-to-keep new year’s resolutions. Monday resolutions.

Instead of setting an entire year’s worth of behavioral guidelines, why not try conquering those goals you set, one week at a time. This new concept of setting yourself for weekly resolutions that begin on Monday have proven to be far more effective in terms of actually sticking to a goal. Here are the reasons why we believe you can be successful at achieving your goals starting on Monday:

A week is manageable.

A week is a far more feasible time period for making yourself stick to a goal than a year. A year is overwhelming. shutterstock_502856116

The “fresh start effect”.

There are 52 Mondays every year, so if you do get off track, you are not done for the entire year. There is always another Monday right around the corner for you to get back on track. You’re giving yourself 53 new starting points instead of just one. People feel more empowered and motivated when they feel like past failures are behind them, so Monday is a great fresh-start day to begin a new goal-reaching routine.

Your goals can be detailed.

If you are only working on one week at a time, you can get really detailed about what EXACTLY you are going to do and achieve in that time frame. If you’re looking at an entire year, its a bit tough to say what you’ll be able to accomplish six months from now.


You can build self-trust.

When you accomplish one week’s worth of goals, you slowly begin to build trust and accountability to stick to your convictions within yourself. Each week it gets easier to do what you tell yourself you’re going to.

Monday is the healthiest day.

Studies show that people try their hardest to be healthier than any other day of the week, so its a great time to kick of a week’s worth of healthy goals. If you start on a Friday or Saturday, you’re less likely to follow through on a week’s worth of healthy eating.


You can be a boss on Monday.

On Monday, you’re rested. You’re ready to kick some serious butt. When you’re fresh, you feel like you can accomplish anything, so its a great time to start working towards something new.

Preparation time.

When starting a new goal on a Monday, you have that beautifully free Sunday time to get yourself set up for the week. Whether it’s getting organized, meal-prepping, writing out those SMART goals, or just mentally preparing yourself, Sunday is a great opportunity to get yourself set up for achieving success throughout the week.

Do we have you convinced yet? Do you agree that Monday’s are the best day of the week to make a commitment to something new? Try it out, if you’re not successful, try next Monday. This is the beauty of the Monday resolution.


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