Tips For Successful Group Traveling

Welcome back to the BH Blog! Today we are discussing something that can make or break friendships: group travel. Have you ever gone on a trip with your group of friends and it ended in disaster? In this week’s blog, are giving you the best tips to enjoy a group trip that is fun and drama free!

Evaluate your expectations.


The first thing that you should do before you go on the trip is evaluate your expectations. Odds are the trip is less about the destination and more about the people you are going with. When choosing a location, think of your friends and what they would be interested in. It is important that there will be activities that everyone will enjoy. Really think about the group that you are going with, and create realistic expectations about what this trip will entail so you aren’t blindsided when things don’t happen exactly how you envisioned them.

Get a good night’s sleep.


Something to consider while you are making plans is your sleeping arrangements. Good sleep can be vital for a great trip. It can also cause resentment between your friends if some of your party get a comfy bed and others have to sleep on the floor. Check to see if your hotel room has a rollaway bed or pull out couch option, or check out Air BnB for places that have multiple bedrooms. When you wake up every morning well rested, you’ll be glad you did.

Be conscious of everyone’s budget and goals.


When thinking about activities for the trip, look into things to do with your friends that will fit in everyone’s budget. Maybe each day of the trip there are one or two activities that cost money while the rest of the day is spent doing free activities or just wandering around and seeing the sights. This way, none of your friends feel pressured to dish out money they don’t have. Another thing to try is splitting off into groups for a while. It is ok to a few have personal goals for the trip but you may have to consider going off on your own to achieve them.

No one likes a complainer.


Remember when you are feeling tired or cranky that it can only take one complainer to ruin the trip. Brainstorm some ways to mitigate any situations. If the group is getting worn out, maybe suggest making a pit stop at the hotel for a quick break or maybe stop for a snack to get some more energy for the next activity. It is important to be mindful of everyone’s needs to keep your friends complaint free!

Find a fun happy hour!


Finally, the key ingredient to a fun friend trip is to find a great happy hour that can be enjoyed by all. Happy hours are cheap, and they usually happen right about when everyone is getting tired of sight seeing. They force everyone to sit down and enjoy each others company. It can also be a great way to have everyone meet back up after a big day out and about. Sit back, order a drink and enjoy some delicious appetizers. Use this time to reflect on the great parts of the day and plan your next fun-filled adventure!

Best of luck on your travel adventures BH readers! We hope our tips help you enjoy your next group vacation.


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