Put A “Spring” In Your Step

It is mid-April, and whether your local climate feels like it or not, we are well into spring. It is time to trade out the winter blues and put a spring in your step. Spring is about new beginnings, and is the perfect time to hit reset on life. Today we are sharing our tips on how to fabulously transition into the new season!


Now that it is spring it is time to completely revamp your playlist. Get those heavy and slow winter songs out of the shuffle and replace them with songs that have you dreaming of the perfect sunny spring day. Think cruising with your friends, windows down, ice cream in hand, sunglasses on…this is the type of song you want in your spring playlist. It’s also a great opportunity to start listening to artists that will be at live shows or music festivals that you may be attending this summer. That way, you be able to sing your heart out to every word when you’re at the show. Another great use for your springtime jams: they’ll inspire you to do all the things you’ve been pushing off all winter such as, cleaning, working out or doing those projects about the house that you keep putting on hold.



If you’re anything like me, the winter weather makes you want to live in sweatpants, take cover in the warmth of your bedding and never leave the house. Now, its time to leave that mentality in March and get out to travel. Plan a weekend getaway to a nearby destination, or go see your friend that you have been promising a visit to for months. Don’t forget, it’s also time for some spring maintenance on your car as well. Now is good time to get your car thoroughly washed to remove the buildup of salt and sand from the winter roads. If you don’t, they’ll eventually destroy your finish and cause damage to the undercarriage of the car. It’s also a good idea to replace all the winter items in your car’s survival kit with supplies for warmer temperatures including water, sunscreen, snacks that survive the heat, and a windshield cover. Bon Voyage!



At this point, you are probably sick of wearing bulky winter coats and thick itchy sweaters, so refreshing your wardrobe with spring clothes is especially exciting. Don’t be afraid to start wearing brighter colors and fresh new looks. Try adding in statement pieces with bold patterns or colors. However, it’s not summer yet, and layering is imperative for the unpredictable spring weather. It can still feel like winter in the morning and at night, but the afternoon can be blistering hot. And rain is always expected. Another suggestion: invest in a quality rain coat that is cute and totally waterproof. As for shoes, make sure that you have a pair that can weather walking in the rain, even if you just store them in your car or office. That way you will never be caught off guard if the weatherman is wrong.



Now that you have your spring cleaning and organizing out of the way, you can start updating your décor to reflect the beautiful weather outside. Dust off your outdoor furniture and heat up the grill because it’s finally nice outside. It’s time to put away the those cinnamon and pumpkin scented candles, big heavy blankets and plaid decor. Spruce up your space with some fresh cut flowers or some potted herbs that help bring the nature inside. Freshen the scent of your home with floral or fruity scented candles, get out your lightweight throws, and add brightly colored knick knacks to your shelves.   Now that it will be sunny more often, open up the blinds so your home will be bright and airy. It’s time to let the spring vibes in.



Spring weather means its time to quit the heavy soups, stews, and hearty meat dishes of winter. Its time to take advantage of the many fruits and veggies that are in season for healthier spring meals. Fruits such as lemons, limes, strawberries, and pineapples are all in season and are freshest during spring. Vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, collard greens, kale and carrots are also in season during this time of year. Even if you are going out to eat, take advantage of the spring weather by finding a restaurant with a patio to sit outside while you eat and drink. Don’t forget the wine. It’s time to switch from the full-bodied red wines and whiskey to white or blush wine, beer and refreshing cocktails. Your food and drink should reflect spring, vibrant and bright!


shutterstock_608739416 (1)

Working out in the gym is great, but there is nothing better than exercising outside. Now that the ice and snow are gone, it’s time to get outside for a walk, run, hike or bike ride. If you can, get out on the water in a canoe or kayak. It will definitely beat the monotonous treadmill or stationary bike. Spring is a great time to truly crack down on  getting active. During the cold winter, it can be hard to find the motivation to work out, but now that it’s gorgeous outside, your excuse is gone. Summer is just around the corner and that means swimsuits, shorts and tank tops. Use this time to get in shape so you look and feel your best for summer.

We hope you enjoy the seasonal transition and that our tips help you make the most of this often forgotten season!

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